Here are three things you should consider when buying a new home.

If you are a buyer in today’s market, you know how frustrating it is going from house to house without finding what you want. Many buyers don’t even know what they’re looking for; they just want to find a home that finally clicks. If you’re in this position, I want to share three key things to look for in a property:

1. Location. This should be the first criteria you use to narrow your search. Consider how far away your work is, where your children go to school, and where your center of life is. Often, when people move across town for a beautiful home, it doesn’t work because they’ve completely uprooted everything their lives revolve around. Location is the most important thing in real estate for a reason.

2. Living space. Is the property big enough for you and your family? Make sure you have enough space for privacy within your home. If someone is watching TV in one room, your place needs enough space so that it doesn’t bother someone else who wants to read. Our living spaces are where we spend most of our time, so consider what your family needs before you buy.

“Focus on the things you can’t change after you move. ”

3. Neighbors and neighborhood. When you enter a neighborhood, how does it make you feel? If you’re comfortable in your current area, what makes you enjoy it so much? If you don’t like your current street, think about what you’d like to change. 

Keep in mind that none of these three things can be changed once you move. If you don’t like a little thing about the floor plan, or if the paint isn’t the color you prefer, you can always rearrange things after you buy the home. If you plan to stay in the house long term, you’ll eventually make it feel like home just by living in it. 

If you have questions about today’s topic, please call or email my team. We’d love to help you with whatever you need!